Artist Statement

Soon after my introduction to clay In the late 1980s I became fascinated with sculpting the human figure. My first sculptures were earthy, coil-built dancers. For ten years I explored psychological issues in ceramic sculpture while increasing my knowledge of human anatomy by making portraits in clay. In 2001 my figurative work broke free of representation embracing abstraction. Feelings and emotions evolved into new, curving forms inspired by the human body. Yearning for color and immediacy, I began painting with oils. These paintings rely on representation but maintain my interest in natural forms. Linear shapes and spaces created by limbs of trees, people and rolling landscapes resonate with a life-long visual love of dance.


At the bottom of the portfolio page you will find works still available for sale with the titles, medium and size dimensions. If interested in purchasing or viewing other angles of a sculpture please send me an email. Studio visits by appointment are welcome.

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