sculptures and paintings by Sherrod Barnes-Ginifer



All my life I've been fascinated by expressing my inner world through visual art.  In college I discovered an affinity for clay and majored in ceramics with a BFA from Barton College.  A year later I went to Alfred University for an intensive summer program. At Alfred, I studied under John Gill and Joe Bova earning graduate credit.  Not long afterwards, I gave birth to my only child and after taking a year off went on to finish a MA in ceramics at East Carolina University.  I lived abroad in the UK for a number of years and have shown in art galleries nationally and internationally.  In addition, I've completed between fifty to a hundred commissions.



Working three dimensionally feels more natural than two for me and clay is my medium of choice.  I love the soft, tactile feel of clay and the fascinating process of firing it to undergo a dramatic chemical change to a rock-like material called ceramic. I have worked with all sorts of different clays but tend to use mid range red or white stoneware. Most of my ceramic sculptures are monochromatic in colored slips and underglazes. When I begin to crave more color I turn to oil painting on wood and oil pastel drawings on paper. A few times I've experimented with pairing sculptures and paintings together as singular works or installations.

sculptures and paintings, figurative and abstract forms

"Fearless" (sold) ceramic and steel

The human form fascinates me.  The curvy and angular shapes created by gravity's affect on the body as well as the positive and negative spaces created by movement of limbs inspire me.  Similar forms are found in nature particularly in trees, plants, earth, sand, water and landscapes. Apart from the sensual impact of form, human emotions and feelings intrigue me equally as much. I seek to sensitively depict human feelings and interactions through visual art.

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